The Law Offices of Bob Nehoray is a boutique law firm located in the Mid-Wilshire area, ten minutes west of downtown Los Angeles.  From its inception, the firm has placed an emphasis on providing legal services that make sense from the client's perspective.  We analyze all our matters from a practical and legal viewpoint to ensure that our services are not only in the client's best legal interest, but also take into consideration each client's individual needs.  Our firm strives to provide outstanding legal services while minimizing costs to provide the best possible value to our clients.  A concerted effort is made in each case to maintain thorough communication with the client. Such personalized attention not only saves the client unnecessary administrative costs, but also enables the firm's lawyers to better understand the client's ultimate needs and objectives.

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Each one of our attorneys has been individually selected based on their extensive education, training and experience in their respective fields of practice. Our attorneys have come from top tier law schools including the UCLA School of Law. We have the background, and dedication to serve all your legal needs.

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Personal Service

The Law Offices of Bob Nehoray understands how complex and confusing legal matters can be. We strive to keep our clients fully informed about their legal matters and the legal process to avoid any unnecessary stress. Our firm believes that our role as attorneys extends beyond the courtroom and our attorneys know that we need to understand each client's individual situation in order to provide legal services that are in their best interests.

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Areas of Practice

The Law offices of Bob Nehoray is a full service law firm which caters to all your personal and business needs. We offer outstanding legal services in matters ranging from Personal Injury, Worker's Compensation, Criminal Defense, Business and Commercial Law, Employment Law, and Real Estate Law. Our multidisciplinary practice allows our firm to analyze each matter from all perspectives to ensure that our actions are in the best interests of the client. For more information, see our Practice Areas.

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