At the Law Offices of Bob Nehoray, we understand that many referring attorneys may want to stay involved in the matter or may be required to in order to meet the client’s needs. We routinely enter into co-counsel arrangements where both attorneys are designated as attorneys of record and take part in the handling of the legal matter.

Co-counsel arrangements allow the referring attorney to remain actively involved in the matter, and maintain the relationship with their client, while providing the resources, training and experience of a multi-attorney, multi-disciplinary firm. This arrangement also allows the referring attorney to have as much, or as little involvement in the matter as desired.

Co-Counsel arrangements are also ideal for out-of-state attorneys who may need the assistance of local counsel. The referring attorney can manage their client’s matter with the assistance of counsel who is familiar with local rules, and can appear in court when necessary. The Law Office of Bob Nehoray accepts referrals from out-of –state attorneys and has had pro hac vice status in jurisdictions outside the State of California.

The Law Offices of Bob Nehoray complies with California State Bar Rules when entering into any fee-sharing agreements. The distribution of attorney fees can be adjusted based on the level of involvement of each attorney in order to fairly compensate all parties involved. At the Law Offices of Bob Nehoray, we pay referral fees at or above the prevailing rates.

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