Dog Bite

Did you know that nearly 2% of the American public is bitten by a dog each year? That's millions of people every year. And almost 800,000 of those are serious enough to require medical attention. Dog bites can result in serious scarring and deformity. Some even result in death. Sadly, the odds that the victim of a fatal dog attack will be a child are 7 out of 10.

An ancient legal rule was the "one bite rule". This meant that that a dog owner was generally not legally responsible the first time their dog bit someone. Most states have replaced this ancient rule with modern dog bite statutes. In fact, many states have imposed 'strict liability' on dog owners, even for their dog's first bite. An owner, as well as a keep or harborer of a dog, may be liable not only for a dog's bite but also for other injuries caused by dogs.

Pet owners are legally responsible for the behavior of their dogs. In most dog-bite cases, the dog's owner will be required to pay for the scarring and disfigurement, pain and suffering, and all medical bills and lost wages associated with a dog attack. Most states have statutes making it difficult for dog owners to avoid liability for injuries caused by dog attacks. Sometimes the person taking care of the dog, often called the boarder, keeper or harborer, may also responsible. Unfortunately, a large number of dog bites cause serious injury to small children.

Scars can be a serious, life-long result of a dog bite. Children are particularly susceptible to bites around the head and face and often suffer disfiguring scarring. Scars are more than physical injuries, also causing emotional injuries and fear. Scars may require plastic surgery which often must wait until the scar matures, usually about a year. In the case of a child, plastic surgery may need to wait until the child is finished growing after puberty. Scarring has a very real impact on self image and can have significant psychological impact.

As with any accident, there are a number of steps you need to take to ensure everything with your claim goes as smoothly as possible. For your medical problems, see a doctor as soon as possible. Often times, an injury from a dog bite can be underestimated. Get as much information you can about your accident. Key items include the names, numbers and addresses of all the people involved, including witnesses. You will also need to keep track of insurance information and the reporting process. Make copies.

It is important to know what to do to protect the legal rights of yourself and your loved ones. Selecting the right attorney is an important decision. You should choose someone who is experienced, aggressive and dedicated to working to get fair compensation for your injuries. That is why you should contact the Law Offices of Bob Nehoray.

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