Many lawyers may mistakenly believe they are not allowed to accept a referral fee. The State Bar of California authorizes lawyers to share fees on a case so long as the client approves of that fee sharing arrangement in writing. We adhere to the highest ethical guidelines and comply with all State Bar rules when entering into fee sharing arrangements. We pay referral fees at or above the prevailing rates in the industry.

California Rules of Professional Conduct

Rule 2-200. Financial Arrangements Among Lawyers.

(A) A member shall not divide a fee for legal services with a lawyer who is not a partner of, associate of, or shareholder with the member unless:

      (1) The client has consented in writing thereto after a full disclosure has been made in writing that a division of fees will be made and the terms of such division; and
      (2) The total fee charged by all lawyers is not increased solely by reason of the provision for division of fees and is not unconscionable as that term is defined in rule 4-200.

At the Law Offices of Bob Nehoray, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. Therefore, all fee sharing agreements are set forth in our client and authorized by the client in writing.

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