Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation facilitates an individual who has lost his job in returning to a status of employment, or finding a work equivalent; and, when necessary, to assist in obtaining training for a new profession. Vocational Rehabilitation also assists in preparing an individual to physically, emotionally, and psychologically to cope with the life changes he/she may endure.

Some services vocational rehabilitation provide:

Job Matching - matches skills and interests

Job Placement - finds a job (usually a partnership) and instructs in job seeking skills

Vocational Counseling - assesses skills, abilities and interests to create an employment plan

Custom Training - trains specific skills a future job may require

Assistive Technology - a special device or accommodation that may assist an individual to better perform their duties at home or at the workplace

Independent Living - assists in managing tasks more efficiently or identifying resources around the home

Vocational rehabilitation can assist individuals who have mental or physical disabilities that make it hard for them to find or keep a job. The services of vocational rehabilitation are tailored to each individual in need. The vocational rehabilitation will make a job assessment based on skills, abilities, interests and employment goals. Individuals seeking vocational rehabilitation services should have a drive to work.

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