Among death and divorce, employment termination ranks high in the traumatic events that can have a devastating and long-term effect on one’s quality of life. An unlawful termination greatly compounds such devastation. Certainly, there is no greater dejection during the course of an employee’s devoted career than being unjustly laid off, forced to resign or terminated. It is unlawful for an employer to terminate an employee for discriminatory reasons. It is similarly unlawful for an employer to terminate an employee because the employee has complained about the employer’s illegal activities including, among others, discrimination, harassment, family / medical leave violations, failure to provide reasonable accommodations or other violations that adversely affect the public. It takes immense courage for employees to complain about unlawful conduct to which they have been subjected or which they have witnessed. The confusion and consequences that result when an employer fails to respond to a complaint, responds inadequately or, even worse, commences a retaliatory campaign to oust employees it believes are “squeaky wheels” or “whistle blowers” can quickly disintegrate an employee’s morale. Employees who are terminated under such circumstances have been unlawfully terminated. And even employees who are not terminated sometimes resign under such circumstances because their work environment has become so intolerable as to leave no reasonable option but resignation.

Wrongful termination is a humiliating experience that can cause great uncertainty, the loss of respect, privacy, self-esteem, quality personal and family time, upward mobility or future within a company, benefits and income. In certain situations after a wrongful termination occurs, both the employer and employee may find that a severance package is the most amicable resolution. If there is no alternative but litigation and we accept your case, we will prepare and steer you away from the litigation minefields that your employer’s attorneys will unfairly set. Our assertive litigation style, mastery of the law, reputation and success often results in pre-trial settlements which are financially and emotionally beneficial to you. Should pre-trial settlement be an impractical alternative, we will be equally vigilant in preparing for and trying your case with one goal only: Winning! Make us a part of your litigation team.

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